Background materials

American experiences and studies

The project members had been kindly invited by Pace University, New York.

The project thanks Dr. David Sachs for coordinating the Danish study visit and arranging meetings with experts as well as practitioners.

Especially researcher Cynthia Maddox was a valuable contact with her expertise on media+integrated teaching. Cynthia Maddox shared temporray findings from her PhD-study on the learning effect of the ICT-pedagogical use of sound media.

Click here for download of an abstract of Cynthia's presentation for the Danish project members, August 2009 at Pace University.

Innovation in vocational education

The study visit in New York was partly financed by 'Erhvervsuddannelsernes nternationale nnovationslegat EIIL'.

Click here for download of the final report on the outcome of study visit, as a part of Lydunivers' entire final report.


Nærmere info:  Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen